Auto insurance flyers

Auto insurance flyers

Auto insurance flyers ,Hello so how are you guys i welcome you Trendingtk Auto insurance  flyer start on the  without any delay

Auto insurance flyer
Auto insurance flyers

If you have a car, it becomes very important for you that you have to have a right insurance policy and it is necessary to have an add-on cover so that you do not have too much financial body.|

The insurance policy is the one that you get at the right time if you get the claim, but it is not known what the reason will be for the loss. Here I am going to tell you the 5 most important import thinks |

Before proceeding further, let me tell you that if your car insurance policy comes up, then different companies try to contact you with their best offer and confuse you with different statements. Just like the company I have codified, the same company gives cashless availble. If you change the insurance, you will not get cashless facility. If you took it from someone other than the dealer, you will not get cashless and the cream will be the problem.

Almost All insurer Provide Cashless Facility Both : Pubilc & Private sector Company

Auto insurance flyer
Auto insurance flyers

Whether you take it from a broker agent, from a broker or from a car dealer, or if you take it online, it will not make any difference to you, so all of you are not absolutely confused.

And it is not like that if you change the insurance company, you will not get a NCB or there will be a problem in the claim. Here I will not encourage you to change the insurance company but I am giving you the right information.

5 Key Things 

1 – IDV / Insured Declared Value : 

This is the value at which your car is insured. In any type of loss, any insurance company is not going to pay you more money than it is the current market value of your car. If you find this value to be low, then renew At the time of talking to an insurance company, you can increase your insurance policy by 5 -10%. The premium of your insurance policy is linked to your NDV. If this value is low, then the premium will be low. As NDVs decrease |

Auto insurance flyer
Auto insurance flyers

2- Excess / Deductible :

This amount you have to give from your pocket in every claim, whenever you claim, you will be deducted from your claim amount.

Excess is based on cubic Capacity (CC) of the car 

3- Add-On Covers :

It is very important that the add-on covers are in your insurance policy so that you can make the choice of your need.

Exapmale : 

  • Zero Depreciation Cover
  • Return to invoice Cover
  • Engine protection Cover
  • Consumable Cover 
  • Quick Assistance Cover
  • Key replacement Cover
  • Daily Cash allowance Cover
  • NCB Protection Cover  Etc……………..

4- NCB / No Claim Bonus :

If you have taken a car insurance policy and do not make any claim throughout the year, then you get a premium discount under NCB and this rebate increases with a claim free year. You have to pay attention to the NCB end of your policy If there is a Killier Mention in NCB, then there will be no NCB Mention, then another company will not be able to give you more than 20% NCB.

5- Take Written Quotation & Cheke Details :

After getting the phone related to the policy, take the quotation mail from them and make sure that the detail of the car is correct.


  • Registration No. 
  • Make & Model 
  • Year Of Manufacturing 
  • Engine No & Chassis number 
  • Your Name 

So how did all of you feel that this Auto insurance flyers information is definitely written in the comment box, if you have any problem relatedAuto insurance flyers  to it, we should definitely write it in the comment box and thank you for Auto insurance flyers reading



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