corona vaccine

Corona Vaccine , IPL , Sachin pilot , Sanjay Datt

corona vaccine, hello friends, how are you guys i welcome you Trendingtk Today’s Best 5 News, so let’s start without any delay

corona vaccinen
corona vaccinen

President of Russia addressing his government ministers on the 11th morning, where the corona virus has been registered today, WHO has no information on the vaccine to be developed by RUSH. Be able to evaluate it. Where is the WHO as long as the vaccine of a country is safe and the WHO has recommended it. Where was the WHO last month to follow the international rules before making the Corona vaccine?

On the other hand, the President of Russia says that this vaccine has been tested here for two months and has lived up to all the ways and does not say that Vladimir Putin also says that this vaccine has been given to his daughter too. Russia’s Ministry of Health has approved.

It is believed that a large number of people are trying to give this vaccine to people in the race. According to the morning of August 12, the number of people infected with Corona has more than 8 lakh 95 thousand hairs and 15 thousand 103 people have died, in the case of infection, men are at number 11 in the case of deaths and deaths.|

corona vaccine
2- Return of Sachin Pilot

Let’s talk about Rajasthan. On the return of Sachin Pilot, Ashok Gehlot says that to save democracy a lot has to be endured and where will they work together and also target the BJP and say all they do is targeting BJP, Ashok Gehlot

3 – Sanjay Dutt gets cancer
sanjay Datt
sanjay Datt

Film actor Sanjay Dutt has got a major illness, on Tuesday, the news of his illness came, he tweeted and said that he is requesting not to speculate. Earlier, his mother Nargis Dutt was separated from Qaisar and Sanjay Dutt’s first wife Richa Sharma took this disease to China, now 61-year-old Sanjay Dutt has been caught by cancer on August 8, breathing Sanjay Dutt He was admitted to the Lilapati Hospital in Mumbai due to a problem, where water was removed from his lungs when he was examined and it was found that stage three is a cancer. Sanjay Dutt tweeted on Tuesday, where people should not guess their health.|

  • I am taking a short break from my work for treatment. My family and friends are with me.
  • And don’t make me guess about the loving and loving health
  • I will return soon with your love and prayers
4 – News of IPL
  • The first news of the IPL is that no company will exclude IPL after sponsorship of title sponsorship. BCCI has been coming out of the news for the last one week that SWIGGY, DREAM 11, PAYTM can also be excluded. Because the money has been invested by China in these three companies, tell us that all these companies are Indian companies, so they cannot be removed.
  • This is bad news for Patanjali. This year’s sponsorship is going to be only for one year. Now whether Patanjali takes it and whether you buy Amazon, it will be shown only in this year’s IPL.
  • Now let’s talk about CSK player Ravidra Jadeja who is very much in discussion today and tell that there is no good news for Ravidra Jadeja, Ravidra Jadeja has a fight, a news is coming out from a lady constable in Jadeja was going somewhere on behalf of the support, he had not put the mask on, then the ladies constable stopped him, then both of you, I am me and the constable started to fear and he is currently in the hospital, what updates do he get about it now? Will be something to see.

So how did you feel to tell today’s news in the comment box and which one of your best news did you find Corona Vaccine’s or Sanjay Dutt‘s or the IPL related news or Sachin Pilot’s big bang. You have to tell me thanks for reading in the comment box. corona vaccine

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