CPEC will now be named Himalya Corridor

CPEC will now be named Himalya Corridor

The name of CPEC will now beHimalya Corridor, Hello Friends, how are you, I welcome you to Trendingtk, let’s start in today’s new Trending News without any delay https://trendingtk.com/corona-vaccine/

1 – CPEC will now be named Himalya Corridor?

On Trendingtk, Dragon’s plan Sipac Cpec will now be named Himalayan Corridor. It also has plans to add Nepal to Nepal. It will be connected to the Quad via Tibet, Yankee China, Pakistan, Economic Corridor are the ones in which China and Pakistan together make these corridors. Plans of not connecting Nepal are coming out

Nepal will be linked to Tibet, Nepal will also be pitched against India. These are the black-faced prostitutes of China, they are coming out in front. But what is the meaning of this punishment against India? Are

Shi Jimping plan against India

China is trapping India’s neighboring countries, including Samil, Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, China is trying to put all these neighboring countries against India. Efforts are also being made to plant Nepal in prostitution.

On July 27, China had a meeting with foreign ministers of many countries. In this, the Foreign Minister of China has prepared notes of great concern.

What should india do in this

China wants to name it as Himalayan Corridor and take it from Kathmandu to Kathmandu already laying railway lines from Kathmandu to Lhasa. See how China is preparing against India. India will have to counter this Kaufnak plan soon. India will have to take POK from Pakistan as soon as possible. India will have to stop China-Pakistan‘s arbitrariness in Pok.

2 – How long will Dhoni be seen playing in CSK in IPL

This news is coming out from CSK, CSK CEO has given a big statement about Dhoni. Where are Mahendra Singh Dhoni to play IPL 2021 and IPL 2022 for CSK also? Before this news was coming out that Mahendra Singh Dhoni will play till IPL 2021

Yesterday, a huge fake came out from the front of an IPL schedule, which was being seared on Facebook, Instagram and tell me that if an AC update comes, you will get the first IPL schedule on Trendingtk. Have not been done.

3- Corona vaccine update too large
coronआ vaccine

The President of Russia has cleared all these things on the question being raised on the vaccine of Russia. Russia on Tuesday made a claim that we have made a vaccine which has been tested on INSANO for about two months and then approved. Has been given

But Junkaro was skeptical about Russia making vaccines so quickly, in which the scientist of America, France, Spain, escaped a little. It is said that the benefits of this vaccine have been estimated and they are talking about it.

corona vaccine

Where Russia has said that its first face will come in the next two weeks, mainly the doctor will be given Dr. Russian officials say that in the month of October a large number of vaccines will be started|

The same WHO is keeping an eye on 6 vaccines, which do not have the name of the vaccine in Russia. The 6 vaccines which are being tested are all in the third phase, in which large number of tests are being done on INSANO, questions on Russian vaccines, especially in America and Europe. Germany’s Health Minister James ishttps://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news being raised, where it is dangerous to introduce vaccines to millions of people, because if there is any confusion, then people will lose faith in the vaccine. As far as we know, this vaccine has not been tested in the right way. It is not just about making vaccines first, it is a matter of people’s lives.

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